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NTS Chemicals for Industry : +33 (0) 1 34 61 41 40
NTS Chemical process for Industry (En)NTS Chimie pour l'Industrie (fr)

Chemical processes
for industry

NTS develops, manufactures and markets chemical formulations for the production industry.

NTS eco-friendly company Cautious of preserving nature and people, NTS is constantly studying new processes using as mostly as possible, active ingredients from nature, biodegradable, not harmful to humans and compatible with production processes such as food. It concerns our ranges for cleaning flexographic and heliographic inks or biodegradable cleaners for silkscreen industry. Our range of chemical reagents for process water and industrial effluent detoxification stations allow effective treatment to remove heavy metals but also for the treatment of COD. We also offer solutions to move towards zero rejection objective.

We are specialists in the surface treatment industry. NTS has continued to develop a full chemical range of references for the printed circuits board manufacturing, for innovation and productivity, but also for the users safety with environmentally friendly products whose effluents are better matching station treatment.

NTS also provides services : process audit, custom and development formulation , analysis and consulting laboratory

Cautious about the protection of Human health and the Environment, NTS complies with the European directive REACH 1907/2006. For each of our formulations, we evaluate the active molecules according to the recommendations of the REACH directive.
More information : ECHA

REACH (Registration Evaluation Autorisation of Chemicals)

Chemistry for industrial manufacturing of printed circuits

PCB Industry

NTS Chemistry for PCB Industry offers a complete range of chemical processes to the manufacture printed circuits boards. From the copper surface preparation or copper micro-etching, to the finishing surface of the printed circuit board such as chemical tin or chemical silver. Also surface stripping with the dry film stripper, the tin stripper Sn or tin-lead stripper Sn-Pb, the soldermask stripper, the treatment of the inner layers for multilayer circuits, the deoxidiser Sn or SnPb after etching, finishing products such as tin-lead reflow oil and fluxes. NTS offers its expertise, laboratory ressources and process monitoring.

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NTS Ecofriendly Chemicals for waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

NTS Ecofriendly Chemicals for waste water treatment, Treatment of industrial effluents, detoxification of rinsing discharges, treatment of heavy metals, flocculation, flocculant for water treatment station, reduction of COD or treatment of COD in discharges, coagulation, coagulants for water treatment station, coagulant for heavy metals, treatment of metals heavy, … NTS offers a full range of chemical solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater, rinsing discharges, process water or washing water. For over 30 years, NTS has developed, in collaboration with industry, treatment reagents and defoamers for water treatment plants. NTS is also the Audit and consultancy service for the treatment of industrial water.

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NTS chemicals solution for cleaning print inks

Flexography, Rotogravure

NTS ecofriendly solution for cleaning print inks in Flexo and Rotogravure, NTS offers a full range of ecofriendly products specially developed for cleaning flexo inks, rotogravure inks and industrial printing inks for stripping production equipment. Cleaners for water-based inks, for solvent inks and cleaners of solvent inks for Flexo, but also cleaners for washing units, for printing plates and declogging anilox. NTS also offers you the range of IST machines for washing with or without ultrasound, whether you use water, solvent or UV inks.

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NTS Silkscreen chemicals solution for cleaning print inks


NTS Ecofriendly chemicals solution for cleaning print inks for silkscreen, for print screen. NTS has developed a range of eco-responsible products for cleaning screens. The silkscreen industry needs efficient and economical products to use for cleaning and preparing printing screens. NTS offers screen cleaning products, biodegradable cleaners for screen printing, product for screen Emulsion Remover and degrade screen printing screens, Product to eliminate ghost images on screen printing screens and an antifoam product for industrial screen printing found in machines washing.

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