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NTS Ecofriendly Chemicals for waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

Antifoaming agent for the treatment of wastewater

Industrial ecology, NTS is a range for water treatment

During the treatment of industrial effluents into a station physico-chemical wastewater treatment, several factors can cause the appearance of foam such as: agitation in the reactor, the injection of reagents but also the nature of the wastewater.

This foaming and scum provides many inconveniences. The main risks being:

  • Environmental risks (contamination)
  • Risks related to overflow, operator
    (fall, burn, etc. ..)
  • Equipment failure, damage to pumps
  • Dysfunction in the treatment
  • etc…

NTS has developed a range of concentrated antifoam, specially formulated for stations in physico-chemical wastewater treatment, including such products do not interfere with chemical reactions in the treatment of detoxification.


Industrial antifoaming agents NTS BOx have a great ease of dispersion and they have a homogeneous dilution in the liquid to be deformed.

They have a high stability after being incorporated.

Defoamers NTS BO are used in curative treatment  in a liquid already foamed, they are most effective when used preventively.

  • Totally free of silicone
  • Very economical 0.1% to 0.2% as usual dose
  • Special product for use in the physico-chemical stations

Antifoams BO x are fluid, which facilitates their use for the assay, they do not generate waste.

Antifoams special detoxification treatment

antifoams BO x

Specially formulated for use stations in the physico-chemical treatment of industrial wastewater.

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