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NTS Ecofriendly Chemicals for waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

Heavy Metals Removing from Wastewater

Industrial ecology, NTS is a range for water treatment

Why is a solution to “Heavy metals removal” needed?
Industrial activities produce effluents contaminated by heavy metals. The origin of these toxic wastes come from various industrial processes which use water for the rinsing of the production, but also spills, splashes, washes floors, rinse tanks, etc…

photo-traitement-de-leaux2Heavy metals (as soluble ions) are common contaminants of industrial wastewaters. Because of their toxicity they are typically removed prior to wastewater discharge. The most common heavy metal contaminants are: copper, lead, nickel, silver.

Industrial water pollution frequently focus several heavy metals. Heavy metals are often found as a very stable chemical solution that is said complexed, it becomes difficult to find a suitable physical-chemical treatment and economic.

New product : NTS CLEAR-SORB

NTS CLEAR-SORB Activated Carbon Powder
Used activated carbon, it absorbs a wide variety of pollutants in the water.
its high absorption capacity allows the removal of a large proportion of micropollutants from the water loaded with COD and BOD.


Heavy metals removal : NTS-industry solutions

NTS CLEAR : Insolubilizer chemicals to remove heavy metals from industrial Wastewaters

Insolubilizer chemicals to eliminate heavy metals

NTS CLEAR 3055 /3056

NTS CLEAR is a range of insolubilizers that meet the different types of waste production are used as insolubilizers heavy metals in sewage treatment physicochemical.

NTS 3055 and NTS 3056 are mainly used in the sectors of surface treatment, electronics, chemical industry, printing, tannery, glassware etc. …
They make it possible to significantly reduce the concentration of metal ions in the wastewater even in the presence of strong complexing agents.


Activated carbon powdered

NTS CLEAR-SORB is used as activated carbon powder to absorb a wide variety of pollutants in water.

NTS CLEAR-SORB is particularly suitable for the removal of organic matter from drinking water but also in the treatment of wastewater or its high absorption capacity allows the elimination of a large proportion of micropollutants from water charged in COD and BOD.

The CLEAR NTS insolubilizers are mainly used in areas of surface treatment, electronics, chemical industry, printing, tanning, glass etc…

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