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NTS chemicals solution for cleaning print inks

Flexography cleaners

Cleaner for plate printing

Detergents for flexography and gravure printing

NTS has developed a range of detergents specially formulated to clean the printing plates in the flexographicprinting industry.
These special cleaners for printing plates, are formulated to ensure optimum performance without risk of alteration of photopolymer plates.

  • SMATCH-CLEANER AL13 for water-based inks
  • SMATCH-CLEANER SG for water-based inks
  • SMATCH-CLEANER 1011D et 1015 for water-based inks
  • SMATCH-CLEANER 20.04 is for all types of inks
  • SMATCH-CLEANER 20.07 is for all solvent inks
  • SMATCH-CLEANER 2010 is for solvent and UV inks

NTS SMATCH-CLEANER cleaners for offset film and plate printing

The range of NTS SMATCH-CLEANER cleaners developed by NTS are products for the maintenance of tools photo flexographic plates printing.

  • Easy and Safe
  • Appropriate for water-based inks with 1011D
  • Appropriate for UV ink or solvent ink with 2010 and 2011
  • Improves the quality of reproduction
  • Does not damage the film support
  • Extends the life of the films

At each color change, clean the plate with a shower system, or with a damp sponge, rinse well with clear water. A good cleaning before storage will limit inlays inks and good behavior during his film archive.
Cleaners SMATCH-CLEANER can be used for cleaning the machine

SMATCH-CLEANER cleaners are products for cleaning the flexographic plates printing.
SMATCH-CLEANER cleaners are ready for use.
They can be diluted in water with a ratio of 50/50 in order to soften their action on clichés woven.

Cleaning products for Washing in the washing machine

SMATCH-CLEANER 1011D (water-based ink)

Cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 1011D is a product ready for use for cleaning of  plate printing.

It provides excellent cleaning without risk of alteration for the photopolymer layer, it allows improving the quality, it improves the rendering throughout the production.

Cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 1011D is a product for cleaning  plate printing.


The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER 1015 is a water based product, very concentrated, containing biodegradable cleaning agents.
The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER 1015 has been specially formulated for declogging anilox, however il can be used for cleaning printing groups and printing plates.
The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER 1015 can also work at room temperature.

Do not use if contact with aluminium parts

(water-based inks)

The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER AL 13 is an aqueous concentrated product containing aluminum inhibitors formulated with biodegradable surfactants and effectives decaling agents in all water-based inks. This formula is not classified.

The SMATCH-CLEANER AL 13 is used for cleaning anilox, parts, printing plates, etc…

(water-based inks)

The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER SG is a concentrated water-based product containing anionic and nonionic biodegradable surfactant and a decaling agent, effective on all water-based inks for general use.

The SMATCH-CLEANER SG is a product intended for flexographic anilox cleaning, printing plates, parts, ink groups, floor etc…

The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER SG does not attack aluminum and foam little


Polymer 20.04
Additif 20.04

(solvent and UV inks)

The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER POLYMER 20-04 is particularly suitable for washing printing plates in machine for all types of inks. Use in washing machine for printing plates photopolymer for solvent and water based inks.

The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER ADDITIVE 20-04 is used in some machines to clean printing plates to increase by swelling the input and output pressure rollers of the machine. Prevents drying of the input and output pressure rollers.

(solvent inks)

The detergent SMATCH-CLEANER 20-07 is a biodegradable product which is used for all types of solvent inks.

The SMATCH-CLEANER 20-07 is used to wash photopolymer plates in machine.

(solvent and UV inks)

Cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 2010 is a product ready for cleaning of flexographic plates printing in manufacturing.
It is suitable for cleaning solvent inks and UV inks on the printing plates work.
It provides excellent cleaning without risk of alteration of the substrate.

(solvent inks or UV inks)

Cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 20.11 P is a ready to use product for cleaning solvent inks for flexographic printing processes and rotogravure printing.

Cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 20.11 P composition allows for halve the atmospheric emissions of volatile organic compounds, if compared with ethyl acetate.

Cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 20.11 P use helps to reduce VOC, securing the working environment, as it has flammable point above 50 ° C.

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