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Chemistry for industrial manufacturing of printed circuits

Products for PCB’s industry

Supplies for the manufacture of printed circuits

NTS products for the manufacture of printed circuits

Antifoams Silicone free for PCB industry

  • Specially formulated for use with the dry-film stripper
  • They are suitable for use with dry-film development CRDS
  • They don’t interfere with waste water treatment

Antimousse pour la chimie industrielleAntifoams are formulated products, adapted to the development of alkaline dry films, screen printing inks and coating photoimageable. They are also used with our high speed strippers and process wastewater treatment

Antifoams NTS are completely free of silicone.

NTS Antifoams


B03 antifoam is intended to reduce foam in stripping solutions, dry film development, photoimageable and wastewater treatment.


The antifoam P is a formulated product for the development of dry films and alkali for screen printing inks.

Cleaners for developing machines for dry film or photo-imageable

Cleaners with 1 or 2 components

  • Simple and automatic cleaning
  • The cleaner does not affect the equipment
  • Promote the development quality

These are concentrated solutions conceived for cleaning the developing machine for dry film and developing machine for photo-imageable for the manufacture of printed circuits.

The advantage of  NTS cleaners is to avoid manual cleaning by cycling automatic machines.

In PCB production machines, inlays photo-imageable with two components, the inlaid limestone sludge, dry film residues are removed along with residues Antifoams.


PCB Industry cleaners for developing machines


The NTS 602 is a concentrated product designed to clean machines for alkaline development, and whose treatment baths are based on sodium carbonate.


NTS 602 is a concentrated solution designed for cleaning developing machines  with alkaline baths are based on sodium carbonate.

Etching machine cleaner with ammonia for PCB industry

  • The cleaning is done by operating the Etching machine
  • No volatiles, no smells
  • Helps maintain optimum etching quality

Machine a graver les circuits imprimés

This Etching machine cleaner is a concentrated solution for cleaning equipment, which are the baths containing ammonia.

The advantage of the NTS for cleaner Etching machine with ammonia is that it does not contain volatile products resulting in a lack of smells during cleaning.

The limestone incrustations of are removed along with copper products.

The treatment is performed at the usual temperature burning (40 to 50 ° C).

Cleaner for Etching machine printed circuit boards


The NTS 601 is a concentrated solution for cleaning etching machines, which are the  ammonia baths.

Nontoxic solvents for cleaning in PCB industry

Détergent biodégradable NTS

The solvent cleaning S12 NTS has been formulated for the needs of the PCB industry in non-toxic cleaning solvent. It is classified as non flammable and non-explosive .

The solvent NTS S12 is considered harmless, it is easily biodegradable.

The solvent NTS S12 is miscible with water to 100%.

Brushes for surface preparation and deburring printed circuit

NTS proposes a complete range of brushes and abrasive not woven (rollers, discs) intended for the preparation of surface and the fettling of the printed circuits. A great choice of products in stock enables us to answer your requests quickly.

Three hardnesses of brushes to the choice: flexible, average and hard in any width. Standard boring diameter is 127 mm.

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