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Chemistry for industrial manufacturing of printed circuits

Products for PCB’s industry

Developing Dry-film and Soldermask

NTS products for the manufacture of printed circuits

NTS is the CRDS supplier for the manufacture of printed circuit, a complete process for the development of the résist and photoimageable: the CDRS, as well as the equipment necessary to the regeneration of the developer automatically:

  • Reduce deposits of limestone
  • Prevent the accumulation of the dry film residue
  • Optimum performance of the developing solution
  • Stability of the solution and linear concentration
  • Mastery of development quality

This process for PCB industry comprises the CDRS product development, and equipment necessary for the automatic regeneration of developer bath: 

 Dry film developer and PHi
 Controller for the automatic regeneration

Dry film developer and PHi developper for PCB industry

The product NTS CRDS is a very concentrated product and has to be diluted 72 times, potassium carbonate based, for the development in aqueous stages dry films and photo-imageable mask.

CRDScontains additives which reduce the limestone deposit and prevent the accumulation of the dry film residue.

For the manufacture of printed circuits, The CRDS increases efficiency by reducing downtime required for cleaning the machine, it reduces the overall cost of the development operation of the dry film

CRDS works in automatic regeneration with Ph or conductivity control system and this eliminate the undesirable contamination of the operation. .

The CRDS use simple control and monitoring by analyzing carbonate concentration and pH.

Controller for the automatic regeneration

controleurNTS proposes a drive system for two bath developers. This system can be used indifferently for the development of dry film or the photoimageable.

contrôleur regeneration bain de developpementOne or two sensor entry. One controller can drive one or two baths with independent tune and alarms.
This reduce the cost in a Considerable way. The electronic with a protection class IP65, conforming to CE , UL and CSA guarantee security, reliability of your industrial process.

Advantage to drive two simultaneous baths. This reduces the cost considerably. The construction of the inductive sensor ensures accurate measurement in very broad ranges of 50 uS / cm to 1000mS/cm and is almost insensitive to the effects of scaling providing unparalleled service.

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