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NTS Silkscreen chemicals solution for cleaning print inks

Screen printing cleaners

Antifoam for industrial screen printing

Screen cleaner,

Antifoam for industrial screen printingNTS offers a powerful antifoam agent which is the solution of problems of foam and scum that meet industry Screen Printing during washing operations in screen washer.


The Smatch-Cleaner B06 is an anti-foam concentrate to reduce foam, in the decoating modules of automatic washers, caused by the emulsion.

  • Low cost of antifoam concentrated
  • Antifoaming agent water-dilutable
  • Antifoam mixable with Smatch strip Cleaner 2014
  • Silicone free antifoam
  • antifoam without residue Biodegradable

Our range of anti-foam for screen printing


Concentrate Antifoam diluted with water. Its use is very economical. The NTS antifoam BO6 is used in addition to detergents and cleaning products for screen printing.

Removal of ink stains and diazo from screen printing screens
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