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Cleaner Acid NTS 805

NTS products for the manufacture of printed circuits

For surface preparation of printed circuits boards, a multipurpose micro-etching copper, NTS 805 has been formulated to effectively degrease copper while micro-etching copper slightly in a uniform way

The strengths of NTS 805 ACID CLEANER:

Preparation of copper for the PCB manufacturing

The cleaner NTS 805 is an acid formulation, grease-removing with a slight micro attack of the copper specially formulated to degrease copper.

It is adapted before our micro etch promoter adherence NTS 535 and before HAL.

The cleaner NTS 805 dissolves 40 g/l of copper by attacking it at a constant and uniform speed.

The cleaner NTS 805 removes the finger and grease marks as well as the organo metal layers.

The cleaner NTS 805 is a sulphuric base and hydrogen peroxide stabilized which is treated without difficulty in the stations physicochemical.

The cleaner NTS 805 is delivered in form 1 components.

preparation of internal layers of PCB
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