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Chemistry for industrial manufacturing of printed circuits

Products for PCB’s industry

Strippers for PCB (printed circuits)

NTS products for the manufacture of printed circuits

N T S offers several strippers, products adapted to the stripping of printed circuits during the process. Tin stripping, tin-lead stripping, dry-film stripping and savings varnishing stripping

 Metal Resist Stripping
 PhotoResist Stripping
 Soldermask Stripping

NTS is concerned about the protection of Human health and the Environment, our stripper formulations comply with the European directive REACH 1907/2006.

NTS complies with the European directive REACH


The NTS 405 is a highly concentrated dry film stripper, it’s formulated specifically for the fine-line and ultra-thin-line circuits.

Tin Stripper, Tin-Lead stripper (stripper Sn and SnPb)

pcb19mc01NTS rang metal resist strippers Tin Stripper or Tin-lead stripper, this product at one component, it can be used in spray.

  • The copper is protected from chemical attack
  • The appearance of copper can be accessed directly by optical inspection AOI
  • Productivity and economic use

The tin-lead strippers NTS are designed to eliminate deposits of tin-lead and tin electrodeposited on copper.

The SnPb strippers are used as a spray during the manufacture of printed circuits whose finish is selective mode.

The NTS strippers have been formulated to increase the speed of Sn or SnPb stripping of while protecting the copper by the presence of inhibitors of attack.

COUPE6The complexity of high-density printed circuit boards, high definition of the inner layers, the copper thickness for sequential multilayer, often requires protection etching by electrolytic deposition. For these products, the pre-metal sequences requires copper deposits of final thickness. In this case, we have the answer with NTS strippers that will preserve the pre metallization sequences and therefore the thickness of copper.

The NTS strippers were developed with favorable environmental characteristics (COD less than 10g/l), they can dissolve up to 200g/l of metal and are used in machines equipped with automatic regeneration.

Tin and Tin-lead strippers

NTS 413

NTS 413 is a stripper for tin and tin / lead alloy-based stabilized nitric acid.
NTS 413 contains no ammonia.
NTS 413 is a two-phase stripper.

NTS414 / NTS416

NTS 414 and NTS 416 are tin strippers based on stabilized nitric acid.
NTS 414 and NTS 416 contain no ammonia.
The NTS 414 is a one phase stripper.
The NTS 416 is a two-phase stripper.

NTS 417

The NTS 417 stripper was formulated to increase the speed of stripping of Sn / Pb.

NTS 418

The NTS 418 stripper is a product for stripping of tin and tin / lead deposited by electrolysis restoring the copper with a very low attack leaving it shiny copper for AOI tests.

Stripper for removal of photo resists dry

stripingFilmSec00NTS offers a range of photo-resist strippers formulated to meet the photo-resist stripping alkaline, even the most difficult, particularly those used in nickel-gold.

  • Does not alter the tin-lead surface finish
  • Productive, high performance
  • Facilitates regeneration

Stripping photo-resist for Nickel-gold is particularly difficult because the transition in the nickel bath hardens the photo resist.

Regenerating photo-resist stripper: To regenerate the stripping bath, we propose strippers products adapted for operating in machines with a recovery system of particles of photo resist. Formulation strippers promotes larger particles photo resist.

The photo-resist strippers NTS are efficient for stripping printed circuit boards “fine line” and “micro fine line” and this even in the presence of overplating.

Our strippers are very economical to use thanks to their low concentration and high capacity stripping.

The photo resist strippers NTS do not attack the coating galvanic Sn/Pb or Sn. Copper occurs after rinsing no traces of oxidation which facilitates visual control.

The regeneration is done by simple analysis or in relation to treated surfaces.

Photo resist Stripper

NTS 403

The NTS 403 has been developed to solve the recovery of particles of photo resist in alkaline systems of continuous filtration.

NTS 405

The NTS 405 is a highly concentrated dry film stripper, it’s formulated specifically for the fine-line and ultra-thin-line circuits.
The NTS 405 provides a very good stripping speed.

NTS 407

The NTS 407 has been formulated to respond to the stripping of all types of alkaline photo resist, even the most difficult, particularly those used in nickel gold.

NTS 408

The NTS 408 considerably reduces the overplating and it is very economical to use. Its high concentration of active products assures high yields.

Stripper Soldermask

circuit imprimé

The NTS 450 PHI removes varnish soldermask when cured at high temperature, and this whatever the drying process infrared or UV, it does not attack the coating tin-lead neither glass epoxy.

The NTS 450 PHI is formulated with solvents with high boiling point which gives a margin of safety.

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