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Chemistry for industrial manufacturing of printed circuits

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Final finishing of printed circuits for PCB industry

NTS products for the manufacture of printed circuits

Tin chemical process UNISTAN

  • Is used in horizontal and vertical process
  • Recommended for printed circuits « fine line » et « micro fine-line »


The process UNISTAN  gives a flat and dense surface which the deposit thickness is between 0.8 and 1.2 microns.

UNISTAN has excellent resistance to oxidation, which enables multiple passages in REFLOW and wave soldering. .

The process  UNISTAN can treat circuit boards single and double sided, multilayer, flexible, and rigid-flex.

The process UNISTAN contains a specific system which provides a high deposition.

UNISTAN is used to treat flexible circuits with technology “reel to reel.”

UNISTAN is recommended for circuits “fine line” and “micro-fine line.”

Tin chemical process UNISTAN


The tin chemical process UNISTAN standard is recommended for circuits “fine line” and “micro-fine line” in production.


UNISTAN S is specially formulated for good compatibility of soldermask and increase the deposition rate in production.


UNISTAN T is a specific formulation which provides a high deposition rate.

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