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NTS Silkscreen chemicals solution for cleaning print inks

Screen printing cleaners

Product to eliminate ghost images

Screen cleaner,

image fantôme sur écran de sérigraphieWith many uses, the printing screen keeps the emulsion residue of the stencil, sometimes combined with ink residues which obstructs the meshes of the canvas despite the decoating. NTS has developed the SMATCH-CLEANER GHOST 2015 will help prolong the life of the screen by clearing clogged mesh and eliminating.

SMATCH-CLEANER GHOST 2015 to eliminate ghost images

The cleaner Smatch Cleaner Ghost 2015 removes residues of diazo, emulsions, ink remained in the polyester and polyamide fabrics. It regenerates the silk screens and saves lives by extending the screens.

  • Gives a second life to your screen printing screens
  • Through the tissue without running
  • Clears the finest mesh
  • Eliminates diazo emulsions and ink residues
  • Stable gel easy to use
  • Low operating cost
  • Bleaching of fabrics, guaranteed print quality

Cleaner Smatch Cleaner Ghost 2015  is ready for use. Apply on dry tissue after decoating.

The coating is done by squeegee, or with a soft brush on both sides.  Leave to dry the product until the following morning.

Clean up residue with high pressure washer.

SMATCH-GEL 1030 for the mesh of screen printing stencils cleaning

The Gel SMATCH-GEL 1030 is a gel concentrated, with high efficiency for the mesh of screen printing stencils cleaning. The Gel can be used for all types of ink : water based, solvent based and UV. The consistency allow a very good and long contact with the ink residue. The Gel is adapted for preventive cleaning of the printing screens.

Removal of stains from ink and diazo screens silkscreen


Smatch Cleaner Ghost 2015 removes residues of diazo, emulsions and inks on polyester and polyamide  from screen printing screens.

Elimination of ghost images. Gel easily applicable on fabrics, polyester and polyamide.


SMATCH-GEL 1030 is a concentrated gel cleanser, high efficiency, very suitable for deep cleaning of printing screens. It can be applied on all residues inks: water, solvent and UV. The consistency of this product allows a longer contact with the residues to be removed.

Removal of ink stains and diazo from screen printing screens
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