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NTS Ecofriendly Chemicals for waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

Flocculant for wastewater treatment

Industrial ecology, NTS is a range for water treatment

Décantage des flocs et filtre presse traitements des rejets industrielsFlocculation, is a process wherein colloids come out of suspension in the form of floc or flakes by the addition of a clarifying agent (NTS COx). Flocculation are widely employed in the  treatment of industrial wastewater streams.

For all production companies, having an obligation to ensure the quality of water discharges at their effluents, NTS has developed a range of organic flocculants that can flocculate impurities and agglomerate flocs to obtain flakes larger and easier to filter through the various recovery processes sludge (filter press, belt filter, etc. ..).


The range of NTS COx Organic Flocculants

The  NTS COx organic Flocculants are synthetic anionic polymers of average molecular weight in liquid form. The NTS COx organic flocculants are mainly used to flocculate the colloids and the mineral particles and hydroxides.

  • Efficiency and ease of use of flocculants NTS
  • Flocculants NTS produce minimal sludge
  • NTS flocculants are adapted for pressing sludge rapid
  • Flocculants NTS are part of a comprehensive treatment

The process developed by NTS for the treatment of industrial waste water charged in heavy metals,  includes flocculation step with a flocculant particularly suitable for the treatment of heavy metals or colloidal particles (size between 1 and 10 microns).

NTS organic flocculants are used to flocculate heavy metals in the Treatment of industrial wastewater. NTS flocculants are used primarily in the areas of metal processing, electroplating industry, electronics, chemical industry, printing, tanning, glass etc.. They allow to obtain large flocs and clarify water.

NTS flocculants for industrial water treatment


The NTS Flocculants are organic synthetic anionic polymers of  average molecular weight in liquid and solid, it is mainly used to flocculate the colloids and the mineral particles or hydroxides.

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