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NTS Chemicals for Industry : +33 (0) 1 34 61 41 40
NTS Chemical process for Industry (En)NTS Chimie pour l'Industrie (fr)

NTS company, chemical processes for the industry

NTS company develops, manufactures and sells chemical processes for the production industry. Innovative chemical processes, which combine productivity and environmental friendliness. Recognized quality that allows us to distribute our products to Europe.

NTS chemicals solutions for industry

  • Range of chemicals products for PCB’s industry
  • Chemicals products for treatment industrial Waste water
  • flexo ink cleaners for flexographic industry
  • Screen Printing Chemicals for screen printing industry

NTS offers chemical processes for industry in three fields of activity:
– Printed circuits: a range of products for wet deposition process manufacturing of printed circuits
– Flexo Helio: a range of cleaning products specifically elaborated for flexography and heliogravure industry
– Screen Printing: a range of cleaning products specifically elaborated for screen printing industry
– For the Environment: products for running of physico-chemical detoxification units

The NTS laboratory allows us to control our production, but also to innovate continuously to anticipate the needs. research and product improvement for toxicity, anticipation of wastewater treatment, costs of production, processing speed, the optimization process in an automatic machine, etc…

N T S develops, manufactures and markets chemical processes

Our challenge is to satisfy our customerswe give ourselves the means to win:

  • Important raw material stocks
  • Manufacturing flexibility
  • Availability of manufactured products
  • Traceability- process control
  • Speed delivery

Solutions for the printed circuits PCB’s thanks to a great experience for the wet process such as: chemical surface preparation, the development of dry film, oxidation of the inner layers, the dry film stripper, the tin-lead stripper, development the soldermask, oil reflow, the flux tinning, PCB finishes such as immersion silver, immersion tin, Teflon treatment for microwave circuits, microwave PCB’s.

Cleaning solutions for flexography with detergents for all operations that need to remove the remains of printing ink. We also offer chemicals cleaner for cleaning in ultrasound machine and the cleaning of stencils.
Green cleaning products are not forgotten with biodegradable detergents.

Cleaning solutions for screen printing and especially all the cleaning on silk screens with efficient and economical products. Detergents for all operations: washing silk screens, the emulsion stripper to strip the mask screens, but also the product recovery to remove ghosting.

Solutions for wastewater treatment and more generally the treatment of industrial water rinses they come from parts but also washes all soil and water processes that require detoxification to remove heavy metals but also the COD reduction.
A full range of treatment products to achieve very good results with an economic cost as low as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a meeting or clarification on our expertise.

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