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NTS chemicals solution for cleaning print inks

Flexography cleaners

Special concentrate remover for stripping ceramic anilox

Detergents for flexography and gravure printing

cylindre flexo nettoyant NTSNTS offers a concentrated gel cleanser, high efficiency, very suitable for deep cleaning ceramic anilox. Also a product to unclog the water-based inks, UV, solvent and varnish on ceramic anilox
These particularly effective cleaners, allow to find in new condition of your anilox.

> Cleaner SMATCH-GEL 1030

For the anilox cleaning NTS SMATCH-GEL 1030

NTS Smatch Gel 1030 removers for anilox

The Gel SMATCH-GEL 1030 is a gel concentrated, with high efficiency for the anilox cleaning. The Gel can be used for all types of ink : water based, solvent based and UV. The consistency allow a very good and long contact with the ink residue. The Gel is adapted for preventive cleaning of the anilox.

  • Product as a gel, it is easy to apply
  • Unclogs at the deepest relief
  • it doesn’t contains harmful products for environment
  • Rinsing may be sent to your wastewater station

We recommend SMATCH–GEL 1030 when the anilox is particularly dirty. Apply the gel on the anilox.

NTS 1030


The cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 1070 ELIMINATOR is a product to cleanse the water-based inks, UV, solvent and varnish on ceramic anilox.

  • Product gel easy to apply
  • Cleanses deep relief
  • Contains no dangerous products to the environment
  • The rinsing water can be treated easily

The cleaner SMATCH-CLEANER 1070 ELIMINATOR is a gelled liquid ready to use which allows it to obtain an optimum contact to unclog an in-depth ceramic anilox.

Its use requires to neutralize the flushing pH back to 6-8.


The stripper SMATCH-CLEANER 1070 is sold as a kit with a neutralizing agent and the necessary personal protective.

The complete cleaning kit includes

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